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Booking bet, also known as Total Bookings, includes yellow and red card bets, and it's a very popular type of bet on football betting websites. However, if you're used to traditional betting methods, you might not be familiar with this type of bet. The following article will help you understand england premier league predictions soccer tips what they are specifically and how to place bets.

We've seen many players focusing solely on this type of bet and achieving significant wins.


So, what exactly is a booking bet?

A booking bet, or Total Bookings, also referred to as yellow card and red card bets, means you're predicting the number of yellow and red cards that will be shown in a match. Regardless of the outcome of the two teams, it doesn't affect the outcome of this bet. Many players prefer booking bets because they are easy to predict and can be based on various factors such as the nature of the match, player characteristics, head-to-head history, starting lineups, tactics, and more. Thus, it adds many exciting factors beyond the impact on the betting outcome.

Compared to goal betting, this type of bet is considered more favorable and can be an easy way to make money. In a match, you can predict yellow and red cards in the first half, second half, or overall, depending on the football betting website.

In general, the simplicity of the gameplay and attractive rewards are the biggest advantages of this betting type. The simplest tip is that in matches without a decisive nature or played fairly, there tend to be fewer cards. Conversely, in intense matches with high stakes, the number of cards can be significant.

Additionally, there are other strategies you can employ to predict the number of cards more accurately.

Types of Booking Bets in Football

Booking bets are not simply about counting yellow and red cards in a match to determine rewards; we also need to consider the betting ticket.

Currently, this type of play is divided into Asian Handicap bookings and Over/Under bookings, each with different calculation methods.

a) Asian Handicap Booking Bet

Asian Handicap bookings are similar to Asian Handicap in football betting. According to the rules, there is a favorite team and an underdog team in this bet.

The way bookmakers offer this bet allows you to compare the number of cards between the two teams, similar to comparing goals in a goal betting scenario.

In this booking bet, the calculation is based on the overall result of bookings after 90 minutes of official play.

Currently, this bet is offered for both halves and the entire match, specifically:

Booking handicap for yellow cards and red cards.

The handicap ratio is set by the bookmaker and can change throughout the match, visible on the odds board.

Yellow and red cards count only during the match and within the boundaries of the playing field.

Yellow card = 1 point, red card = 2 points.

Full match booking bets are labeled as FT, and first-half bets are labeled as HT.

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Some other types of booking bets in football betting

In addition to the two popular types mentioned above, you can also bet on other enticing types such as:

Predicting the first or last booking for either team.

Players can predict the color of the first booking.

Predicting the color of the last booking.

Predicting the total number of bookings each team will receive, whether it's even or odd.

Predicting the minute when a booking will occur in the match.

Predicting which player will receive a booking.


The odds for bookings from different bookmakers in the same match are different.

Moreover, within the same match, these odds also change continuously at different times.

Calculating the winnings from booking bets in football

The formula for calculating the winnings from booking bets is as follows:

Profit = Wager amount x booking odds

For example: You bet on a booking with odds of 0.75, and you wager 100,000 VND.

If you win, the profit = 100,000 x 0.75 = 75,000 VND.

You simply multiply the wager amount by the odds listed to determine your winnings.

The harder the booking is to predict, the higher the reward ratio.

Learn what odds are to be able to extract information from bookmakers.

They are not just lifeless numbers; through them, you can derive a lot of insights from the bookmakers to place your bets.

Tips for winning booking bets

To increase your chances of winning with this type of bet, you should consider the following valuable experiences:

Thoroughly study the personalities of players from both teams: Players who are aggressive or play rough are more likely to receive bookings.

Check the booking history in previous matches; if a player has already received a yellow card, they might be more cautious in the current match.

Assess the nature of the match: Matches with direct eliminations versus friendly matches will have different booking frequencies. The more important the match, the higher the number of bookings.

Study the playing history of both teams: If both teams play cleanly and fair, the number of bookings received will be minimal.

Understand the coach's tactics: Whether the team plays offensively or defensively, if they transition smoothly, counter-attack quickly, or press high, etc.

Learn about the referee officiating the match: Extremely crucial; if facing a strict referee, the number of bookings in the match will be higher than usual.

Predicting the various variables surrounding bookings in a match can be quite challenging.

Therefore, predicting anything about betting on bookings is entirely unpredictable.



Above are all the detailed instructions soccer tips app on how to place booking bets in football betting.

This type of bet will heighten your emotions during moments of fouls or collisions.

Its betting nature will also differ when compared to other types of bets.


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