LG K10 (2017) first impressions

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LG K10 (2017) has a 2.5D Arc glass design with metallic U-frames running along the edges.

LG refreshed its 2017 K-series with the K3 (2017), K4 (2017), K8 (2017) and K10 (2017) ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 (CES) earlier this year. Now, the K10 has made its way to India with the mid-range smartphone incorporating a fingerprint scanner and a slightly bigger battery.

Just like K10 (2016), this one too is a Made in India smartphone and comes with a more Indianised version of its smart cover. To recall, smart cover displays alerts such as message, alarms and call notifications. It allows users to pick or disconnect a call, without actually opening the smart cover.

The LG K10 (2017) costs almost the same as its predecessor. The LG K10 (2016) was launched at Rs 13,500 while the 2017 variant costs Rs 13,990. The highlight of the new K10 is that gets an SOS button that dials emergency number 112 when pressed thrice. We spent some time with the smartphone at the launch event and here’s our first impressions

LG K10 (2017) has a 2.5D Arc glass design with metallic U-frames running along the edges. The power button, which also doubles up as fingerprint scanner is at the back. Power button at the back is something we have come to associate with most LG smartphones and it does take a bit of time getting used to. The smartphone gets a 5.3-inch screen and has rounded corners.

The volume rocker keys are on the left, while charging port and headphone jack are placed at the bottom. There’s a round rear camera lens at the top center. The flash unit and power button are placed just below the rear camera lens. The speaker grille unit can be found on the bottom left of the back cover.

In terms of design, I found the LG K10 to be good. There’s no oomph factor and the overall design is not very flattering. It looks like any other mid-range smartphone available in the market. The smart cover now comes with printed graphics, and look very stylish.