Famous Places in Amravati


Famous places in Amravati !!!

Chhatri Talao:

Chhatri Talao is situated
towards South-East of
Amravati, 1-km from
Dasturnagar Square on
Malkhed Railway Road. It was
built in the year 1888 on a
small spring called “Kali Nadi”.
It is a small reservoir built with
the intention, then, to supply
drinking water to Amravati City, but now Amravati City gets
water from Upper Wardha Dam. A small garden and boating
facility is also available. This lake is famous by the name
Chatri Talaw. This lake was once used for drinking water
purpose. Since ‘Upper Wardha Project’ came into existence
the lake water is not used for drinking purpose. Site is such
that it can otherwise be developed as an ecological spot
and will be a place of attraction for the people. The present
situation is such that, the lake is very fastly receding and
becomes shallow due to heavy sedimentation. It appeared
from our observations that low sodium and potassium
content and reduction of photic zone due to high turbidity
resulted in low phytoplankton density in the lake. This lake
is oligotrophic in nature.

Till the middle of the last
century, the Mal Tekri was
barren hillock littered with
huge stones and devoid of any
greenery barring one or two
trees casting shadows on the
place erected in memory of the
Great Sufi Saint Mehbub-e-
Subhani, the real ‘Mazar’ lies
elsewhere.The Tekri was developed in its present avataar
after creation of the Maharashtra, the road from the base
upto the beautiful and pictures que garden and foot steps
upto the top of the Tekri were constructed. The Mal Tekri is
favourite among the locals and must ‘Dekhowa’ for their
guests. The view of the city and its neighborhoods in night
from the top of the Tekri is very amazing.It is also a boon
for sky gazers to spot their favourite Constellations, Stars
and planets in Moonless Nights.

Wadali Talao:
Wadali Talao situated on the
Chandur Railway Road, Wadali
Talao is just 3 km away from
the Amravati Camp. It s
another reservoir built with the
purpose of serving clean and
fresh water to the people of
Amravati. Adding to the appeal
of the Talao are a small garden
and a zoo, where one can come on weekends and relax a
bit. Few people know about it. You have to take the small
road that turns inside from where there is a small hotel after
the Microwave station. The main road turns sharly to left
and you have to turn left to go to this lake. The lake has
water in Monsoon only.
Shree H. V. P. Mandal
Shree H. V. P. Mandal,
Amravati, established in 1914
and is registered under
Bombay Public Trust Act 1950
and Societies Registration Act
1860. It is a Voluntary, Social,
Non-Political & Secular
Institute, managed with
democratic principles &
practices. It is founded by Vaidya Brother’s namely Shri.
Ambadaspant & Shri. Anant Krishna Vaidya with their
colleagues, freedom fighters on the broader principles of
equality, fraternity & social justice. Honorable National
leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose, Dr.
Rajendra Prasad visited & blessed this organization.
Martyrs Rajguru & D.S. Deshpande were the two illustrious
students of this institution. To standardize and popularized
India’s traditional system of physical culture and develope
sport and allied science and employ them strategically
towards welfare of the masses, Institute has timely
organized various tours in India (J&K, Delhi, Calcutta,
Ahmadabad, Lucknow, Amritsar, Panji, etc.) as well as
abroad (U.S.A., Berlin, U.S.S.R., Finland, France, Japan,
England, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, etc) for Propagation of
Indian Traditional Sport since year 1928. After
Independence, to propagate traditional Indian Sports and
Yoga, the Mandal concentrated its efforts on the training of
teachers in Physical Education and Yoga, and gradually
diversified its activities to the field of Ayurvedic medicine,
tribal and school education and Engineering and
Technology. The Mandal is the recipient of prestigious
“Aadivasi Seva Sanstha Puraskar – 1997 of Maharashtra
Government” for its work in tribal regions and the “State
Government Award -2002” for Educational institutions. The
work of the Mandal has been appreciated by many
organizations and received honours in the form of awards
and certificates from time to time.German Dictator Adolph
Hitler has also honored this Institute with a medal for its
breath taking demonstrations in Berlin Olympics Games in
the year 1936.